Henry Wood House W1W 7FA
08:30 - 10:30

Our proptech seminar in July will discuss growing uses for AI in the real estate industry from several perspectives.

We’ll be joined by James Boreham from LEVERTON and Chrissie Lightfoot from Robot Lawyer LISA on 11 July for the next seminar in our DatschaPresents series.

Tuesday 11 July
8.30am – 10.30am
Henry Wood House
2 Riding House Street

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James Boreham has a background in capital markets, working in interest rate derivatives at Citi prior to joining LEVERTON. At LEVERTON, James works as a Business Development Manager, helping change the way organisations think of data.

James will be discussing optimal ways for organisations to capture relevant cashflow data around their real estate assets, how AI will change how we work, and future market trends.

As CEO and founder of EntrepreneurLawyer Ltd Chrissie Lightfoot is one of the World’s Top Female Futurists. She is an entrepreneur, lawyer, legal futurist, legaltech investor, international keynote speaker, author, legal and business commentator (quoted periodically in The Times & FT) and an advisor to the board of The Telegraph’s Digital Enterprise Network. She is also CEO, visionary and creator of Robot Lawyer LISA – the world’s first impartial AI lawyer.

Chrissie will be sharing her knowledge, experience, insights and advice from the perspective of an entrepreneur, lawyer, lay person and legal AI solutions pioneer. She will discuss how technologies such as cognitive computing, AI, robot automation, machine learning, inference engines, and chatbots will be deployed successfully by businesses and consumers who wish to ‘self-serve’ and save significant time and costs in relation to their real estate legal needs.

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